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Adding to The Eclectic Decorating Style With Decorative Accessories

Author: Lee Dobbins

Adding charm to your eclectic decorating style by displaying suitable accessories is a good way to enhance the room design. This interior decorating theme works better with funky and unique items which help bring out the fun and varied appeal of your unique personality. Your eclectic design style will really look great when you add various coordinating knick-knacks, artwork and pillows.

Paintings and prints are a great way to add interest to your walls, but most individuals don't know the right way to hang them. You should arrange them so the middle of the wall art to be at eye level. Try laying a grouping of artwork out on the floor initially to figure out the exact configuration. The eclectic decorating style can be enhanced by funky artwork which you might want to display in groups.

Additional items that can help improve the look of your unique personality include plants, lots of color, and beaded fringe. You want to select accessories which go with your general room design. Use on theme pieces purely in order to achieve the look and feel you are trying for.

Decorative pillows can add a soft touch to your room decor. If you had the notion that pillows were solely for the bedroom, think again, they can put an intriguing touch to any room including the den, kitchen and bathroom. Using decorative pillows arranged at the headboard of your bed can add a fantastic professional look. Pillows on the sofa or chairs in your family room, den or living room will help inject a bit of the eclectic decor style. Displaying pillows in the bathroom is one solution a lot of people don't picture but you can easily place one on the hamper or in shelves or racks with towels. For this style of room design, pillows that use funky colors and shapes will work perfect.

No matter what your decorating style is, you can add some unique appeal to your room style with knick knacks. To highlight your eclectic decor, stick with accessories that have a fun and varied feel. Try putting funky colorful pieces from local artisans or adding unusual kitsch on display. This is where you can really make the design theme your own by acquiring accessories which mirror your individuality. If you are on a budget, consider shopping at garage sales and flea markets for fabulous interesting decorative pieces.

Adding interest to your eclectic decorating style with whimsical and unique items can help give it a great look. Before you go shopping, it's a great idea to map out the styles, and types of items you need so that you don't buy items that won't fit. Size matters, so go around the room and judge the size of accessories and wall art you would like and select them accordingly. Pick your items wisely and your design style is sure to look wonderful!

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